"Millat Investments uses its own balance sheet to bring clever and deeply entrepreneurial solutions to complex commercial problems"

Our story

While every family has its own distinct story, they all share pivotal moments that form part of their family lore, be that recently or in the distant past. Pioneering paths taken, times of triumph, and sometimes tough choices taken.

What makes our family unique is our combined global business experience, our individual areas of specialism, our loyalty, and our resounding commitment to finding solutions.

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"We combine a Private Equity and a Special Situations fund model. We have a strong investment portfolio which includes real estate, and private equity holdings."


We see the corporate world slightly differently and we know markets do too. We pursue value arbitrage opportunities, where there is a value dislocation.

We invest proprietary capital quickly to special situations. We are versatile and fit anywhere in the capitalization table - securitized debt or equity. We enter situations, understand them rapidly, and make entrepreneurial solutions happen.

We deploy our capital and know-how on assets and sectors we deeply understand. Our sectors of particular expertise are real estate, technology, hospitality and financial services.

Our ability to deploy capital quickly and in various forms; equity/debt or equity like instruments. Our sectors of particular expertise are technology, real estate, hospitality and financial services.

Our Strength

Trust and loyalty are two of the most important elements in business,
and there is no greater trust or loyalty than with your family.

Our Values

Meet Our Team

At the heart of any business is people. As a family office, we instinctively understand and complement each other. We are kindred entrepreneurial spirits and have honed our respective skills in a way that only families can.